Sample Support Letter

(A letter is more effective than an email or a fax and it is always best to use your own words. Click here to read a list of bullet points about the Code that might be helpful.)



VIA FACSIMILE (651) 2257567

The Honorable Senator Sandy Pappas
State Capital, Room 120
St. Paul, MN 55155

RE: SF#1529, "The Code for Corporate Responsibility"

Dear Senator Pappas:

(Describe your organization or your self).

(Indicate how many members you organization represents.)

(Give your reasons for supporting the bill.)

We/I support your efforts to enact SF#1529.


(Your name)
(Your title)
(Include your address)


(LETTER WRITERS: We at C4CR would appreciate receiving copies of your letters and emails as well as the answers to your letters or emails. Please copy your emails and forward the answers to your emails to Our mailing address is C4CR, 2369 Doswell, St. Paul, MN 55108.)