Sample Letter
(A letter is more effective than an email or a fax and it is always best to use your own words. Click here to read a list of bullet points about the Code that might be helpful.)

Dear Legislator [Name],

As a Representative of the People of Minnesota, I would like to make you aware of the Code for Corporate Responsibility (SF#1529 & HF#1534) and strongly urge you to support enactment of this important piece of legislation, which I believe is one means by which corporations will be held accountable to the public good. Corporations must no longer be allowed to operate solely for their own profit while disregarding their often negative impact on the life of the community within which they exist. As we have seen with Enron and other recent corporate scandals, this impact can come in many forms, including a degraded environment, the sudden loss of jobs or retirement savings, and other abuses. It is time to require that corporations take the responsibility as well as the privileges of citizenship seriously. Are you willing to support incorporation this Code for Corporate Responsibility into our state corporate laws? Please respond to this question. It is time for our representatives to stand up for the public interest against corporate abuses.

Your constituent or Yours truly,
Private Citizen [your name]
[Include your address]


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