"GOVERNING DYNAMICS: The best result would come from everyone in the group doing the best for himself and the group." John Nash, Noble Prize Winner, in "A Beautiful Mind"


"In the long run, there's no capitalism without conscience."
--President Bush






General Meeting Report for October 25, 2004

Monday October 25th, 6:30 PM
Room 370, Coeur de Catherine Student Center and Learning Commons
College of St. Catherine
2004 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul 55105


John Karvel
Anne Newhart
Bernie Molitor
Tony Prokott
Steve Nelson
Karen Engelsen
Ron Wilt
Dori Ullman

The data base of endorsers and interested parties will be transferred to the Access program.
It is said to be a much easier program to handle than Excel.

ME3 is an organization which validates other organizations they decide are energy related.
Shall we ask for their validation?

Newsletter - Andrea Freisen has done a good job in formatting the newsletter. Because she is now working full time and going to school, she will not be able to continue on the newsletter in the future. Collette has said she would take over the newsletter where Andrea left off.

The newsletter, which would be published approximately quarterly, would contain an introduction to C4CR and a list of volunteer opportunities.

We need art on the website. Advisory Board art is coming. Steve Nelson volunteered to do art for donations.

Fund Raising - We should be explicit when asking for donations. We need money especially for printing, tabling, and web expenses. Steve and Anne will collaborate on this effort.

John said there is a Business Ethics network we can join at no cost. Others involved include Acorn, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and many others. The resources available to members are things such as assistance for organizing meetings, videos, help with funding efforts, etc.

The new Advisory Committee met on October 11 at the Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly Law offices in Minneapolis. At the meeting were Dan Tyson and Dick Lereau from Oppenheimer; Representative Bill Hilte, from the Minnesota House of Representatives, Marjorie Kelly, John Karvel and Dori Ullman. Senator Sandy Pappas was unable to be there. At this point at the C4CR meeting there was discussion about who we might want to replace Sen. Pappas if she found she would be unable to serve. Several names were mentioned and it was decided to ask Senator Mee Moua if Senator Pappas could not be there.

The Advisory Committee was given a packet of information with the history of our group and our efforts to date, as well as copies of all versions of our bill and the one that had gone to the British Parliament. It was suggested that when the outline of the new bill was crafted it be brought to several corporate officers to see what their reactions are and what they would like to see in the State Corporate Charter.

Several suggestions from C4CR members surfaced. There was needed a provision for education for members of board of directors regarding the changes and the mandates for the public good and certification of directors each time the Charter was reviewed and with reporting criteria included.

There was discussion of the paper written by the student at the New School in NYC Gillie
and the recommendations for action contained in that paper. It was decided the core group of C4CR hold a retreat soon. It is necessary to set a relationship between the goals and human resources necessary to meet the goals. Form committees that will be about the business needed to reach those goals.

There should be communication with members committed to spending a few hours each week on matters we decide we want to do.

Bernie Molitor is committed to facilitating the work on the retreat. We have to first decide what we want to achieve - education, outreach, points of leverage - as cited in Chupak’s paper. We have to decide why what we are doing is important. And finally, to come out of the Retreat with an action plan for at least the next year.

To be decided also is what kind of membership group we want to be. The heart of the discussion on Retreat should begin with revisiting our vision and mission statement and decide how to make active structures using that vision and mission.

There will be developed a portable presentation of approximately 90 minutes to show at first to audiences of kindred spirits. Then on to business people and labor groups. We should also decide whether we should be a dues paying member of MAPA.

Core Group: Laura Lewis; Nasrin Jewel, Collette DeHarpporte , Michele Jersak; Sarah McLelland; Bernie Molitor; Steve Nelson; Anne Newhart; John Karvel; Tony Prokott; Dori Ullman.

Bernie will draft the agenda for the Planning Retreat and email it to the others.

Submitted by Dori Ullman