"GOVERNING DYNAMICS: The best result would come from everyone in the group doing the best for himself and the group." John Nash, Noble Prize Winner, in "A Beautiful Mind"


"In the long run, there's no capitalism without conscience."
--President Bush






General Meeting Report for September 27, 2004

AT 2112 Emerson Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN

Present Were:

John Karvel
Tony Prokott
Anne Newhart
Daniel McClelland
Bernie Molitor
Sarah McClelland
Michele Jersak
Nasrin Jewel
Dori Ullman

Anne Newhart has completed a proposal for a grant and it was approved for her to submit to the Partners For Justice of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet for funding.

Laura Lewis is developing a grant proposal for submission to the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

John Karvel reported the C4CR web site now contains the full version of the interview of Robert Hinkley which appeared in the September issue of The Sun Magazine which is a national publication.

He said there is a web site titled Corporate 20/20, set up by a think tank about business ethics. A closed group, where contributors post their thoughts about corporations and where it is assumed that corporation must serve a social purpose, also.

John also informed the members that a man named Gili Chupak, a student at The New School in New York City, has written a paper on the corporate responsibility for which he interviewed John and Bob Hinkley. John said he would get a copy of the paper to members. It points out that we are trying to change the paradigm of Corporations. The author has said he would like to see us develop a national movement.
There was discussion about the membership list for C4CR which several members are working on. Another column should be added to the listings indicating the date a card was signed, if it’s known, or at least the date of entry.

We will be contacting all new people, therefore our data base has to be kept current. Contacts must be made, especially to those who indicated interest in volunteering. There should be a column in the lists which would indicate in what activities these people could be engaged.


Bernie Molitor consented to convene a meeting of volunteer members to develop getting publicity and perhaps some advertising for C4CR. This committee needs people with skills and interest in this type of endeavor. We also need a person who either knows or is willing to take a class to learn Power Point useful when making presentations to other groups. Michele Jersak said she is conversant with Power Point.

People on our list will have to be contacted to find what their talents, skills and interests in action lie.


There was discussion about having paid membership in this organization. It was agreed there if there were such memberships, there would be several levels of it. Michele spoke of a system used by a theater group in Lanesboro, Minnesota. She will bring more information to the next meeting for the members to study at that time.


We also need to define what a member is and how to create sustaining members. This also was tabled to the next meeting.


John Karvel, Anne Newhart and Dori Ullman participated in a live TV show created by Welhelm and Leslie Riendl, who are Altera Vista, for community access TV. It was done in the Roseville studio. There was a showing of a documentary, “The Militarisation of Space”. This is a highly disturbing listing and showing of the weapons that are being developed and others that have been launched by the U.S. The remainder of the show had comments & questions from the studio audience, as well as call ins and from those on the internet simultaneously. The internet contributions were shown on a screen in the studio so all could read and comment. It took highly developed technical expertise by the staff who devised it and brought it off so successfully. It can be accessed, if not now, very soon on www.vocespopuli.org. They hope to repeat this on differing subjects about once each month.


The Advisory Committee has been formed to aid in honing our bill for submission in the new Legislative Session beginning in February, 2005. Those who have consented to serve are: Senator Sandy Pappas, who was chief author of the bill last session in the Senate; Representative Bill Hilty, who had introduced a similar bill in the House last session; Bill Tyson, an attorney with Oppenheimer, Wolfe and Donnelly Law Firm in Minneapolis; Another attorney, retired from Oppenheimer, Richard Lareaux; and Marjorie Kelly, author of The Divine Right of Capital and for the past 16 years editor of the magazine “Business Ethics”.

The first meeting is planned to be held sometime the week of October 11th in the Oppenheimer offices.

Monday October 25th, 6:30 PM
Room 370, Coeur de Catherine Student Center and Learning Commons
College of St. Catherine
2004 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul 55105
[Building #4 on this Campus Map]

Submitted by --Dori Ullman