Minnesota Bills
Code for Corporate Responsibility, SF#1529 & HF#1534,

Other Bills Changing Directors Duties:
      Senator Marty: SF#2217 Bill Text
      Senator Lourey/Rep. Hilty: SF#1093 , Bill Text

MN Constitutional Amendment: Person means Natural Person. SF#1403 & HF#1397
MN version of Wellstone bill: No business with off shore corporations. SF#755 & HF#914
FACE: Fair and Clean Elections SF#998 &HF#1382

Other States
The Center for Corporate Policy has an extensive list of model state and local legislation effecting corporations at

British Bill
The CORE Parliamentary Bill (Performance of Companies and Government Departments (Reporting) Bill) presents a comprehensive set of corporate responsibility 'asks' supported by over 300 MPs, across all parties.

CORE is seeking to introduce the key principles of reporting, directors duty of care and company liability through legislation.